How to get a Solar tax credit in California

Solar incentives are available in your region of California, and it will save you a huge amount of money on your energy bills. Installing a solar panel system on your home will not just reduce your electricity bill but upgrade the value of your home.


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Solar incentives are available in your region of California, and it will save you a huge amount of money on your energy bills. Installing a solar panel system on your home will not just reduce your electricity bill but upgrade the value of your home.

The residents of California are qualified with a Federal InvestmentTax Credit when they buy and install a desirable Solar Panel System which includes Solar Photovoltaic Systems offered by the company. The homeowners can take the advantage of a tax credit up to 26% of the total cost.

California Solar Tax Credit Can Save You money

California solar tax credit can save you money by permitting you to claim up to 26 percent of the total cost you give to install solar panels from your solar tax burden which is imposed by the government for the year.

The Federal tax credit, also known as the Investment tax credit (ITC) allows you to invest money into your home and businesses. It reduces the cost of your electricity bills and reduces the solar tax burden which helps in making the money to invest at your home.

The tax credit reduces every year from 2020 so it is very important to consider solar installation before it fully expires.

26% Tax credit for solar panel systems installed between1/1/2020 – 12/31/2020

22% Tax credit for solar panel systems installed between1/1/2021 – 12/31/2021

10% Tax credit for solar panel systems installed between1/1/2022 – 12/31/2022

After 1st January 2023, the Federal tax credit will not be available for all homeowners in California.

The credit of this installation has no limit, you can claim26% till the end of 2020, after that it will decrease by 22% and lastly 10%

Installing solar panels in 2020 allows you to take advantage of the full Federal Tax Credit. The full tax credit offsets the total purchase price of the system and allows you to make back your investment sooner.

Rebates and Net Metering

All life on earth is upheld by the sun’s energy, this is an amazing sun radiant which helps us in giving heat and electricity. Solar energy plays an important role in human life by providing energy to the plants and then this energy is directly or indirectly consumed by human beings in the form of fruits, vegetables, and cereals. It supplies carbohydrates and other minerals healthy for mankind.

This energetic sun radiant helps to increase many crops, which is very essential for the survival of human life. Solar energy provides us with Vitamin D when the sun rises, after that sun gives harmful rays which can be hazardous. So, solar energy is valuable and important for human bodies.

3. Provides clean and safe environment:

Net metering provides a huge amount of financial benefits on solar. Net metering is the utility bills which are only provided to residents or commercial business owners who are generating electricity in an excessive amount from their solar panel installation and sending it back to the circuit.

Solar energy is the energy from the sun absorbed by the solar panel to generate electricity and net metering is the electricity that you don’t use and gets back to the utility company. With net metering, the homeowners are only billed for the net energy which they consume every month.

When you are depending upon local plans you may get a credit to save money against electricity you use from the grid in night hours so, when your house is net-metered you will see the meter is running backward.

You are only billed for the net energy you use, and the remaining energy goes back to the grid and is used by the other residents for their use.

Benefits of New Metering

The benefits you get from net metering will be availed as long as your solar energy is generating electricity at the point where it will be used, it reduces the pressure on the grid distribution. Which provides electricity to the homes and transmission infrastructure that minimizes the energy loss from sending voltages to miles away from the power plant.

So, you can save hundreds of dollars on your utility/electricity bills every year, and it is a good decision to install a solar system as soon as possible rather than waiting for the coming years. The tax credit on solar energy is only available until 2022.  

Cash Rebates

Rebates are normally available for a limited time; rebates can help you decrease your system cost by 10-20 percent. It is also possible to receive a cash rebate from your local government, utility company, and other organizations that promote solar energy.


Saving money on PG&E Bills with Solar Panels

Solar energy raise property values by lowering utility bills. At the point when your home has Solar Panels, energy from the sun will control your power, aside from when the sun is not present.

7 amazing solar energy facts you should know

Solar Energy is the light and heat from the sun, and it can convert its radiant energy into electricity by the efficient Solar Panels System. The Solar Panel System is composed of solar cells, a cell is a little circle of semiconductors like silicon.