Solar Funding

Thinking of switching to solar? Installing a solar system in your house is a long-term saving plan that would save you a lot on energy bills. Going solar would not only be cost efficient but also healthy and an independent approach from national power grid. However, getting a solar system is not under everyone’s budget. The system itself costs a good amount and the panels are costly too. So? Should you cancel getting a soar panel? The answer is NO.

Fortunately, people of San Francisco Bay Area have multiple funding and loan options for getting their solar system financed. RW Solar and Electric has California’s most reliable funding options onboard to provide you with the best solar service in Northern California.


Fast Affordable Financing for
Mosaic is a fast-funding program that RW Solar is affiliated with. Mosaic is an easy investment aid program that requires a simple process.It is highly competitive in the price too. They have three options for solar panel investments. Power switch zero, power switch choice, and power switch plus.
Popular Terms: 25 years at 1.49% & 20 at .99%
The Home Energy Storage
Travis is an organization that works for the wellbeing of humans by providing them financial aid for education and households. They have sponsored over 200+ charities. They identify the objective of investment and then analyze the situation. If the person meets the eligibility criteria, then they get the paperwork in process and start to implement the desired strategies.
Terms: 15 years at 5.99% No Closing Cost
Fast Affordable Financing
Everyone is eligible for PACE’s Home Run Financing funding program as it does not check FICO score for eligibility. At Pace you will get your application approved within minutes and can get going with getting solar for your house. Pace base your qualification for funding on the equity in your home. It is a great way to pay for renovations.
Terms: 30 years at 2.99%